1991 - 1995 - ASPAS used to produce motor sport weekly TV programs with support of Shell International Petroleum and Philip Morris Inc., the programs were televised on: 1st State TV Channel, Russian State TV Channel (RTR), NTV Channel, 2х2 Channel, TV 6 Channel. 1993 - ASPAS televises Formula One historical documentaries that were kindly delivered by Formula One Constructors Association (FOCA) and Philip Morris Inc. 1994 - 1998 гг. – ASPAS runs seventeen circular races in Moscow (at Swallow Hills) and Saint- Petersburg: multi-staged ROTHMANS – ASPAS Cup and the ASPAS National Racing Series (NGSA, the abbreviation was later used by AUTOVAZ sports series). The competitions were sponsored by the biggest Russian companies and by the multinationals like: Shell, Philip Morris, Rothmans of Pall Mall, LUKOIL, Motorola, etc.
In 1998 ASPAS and Russian State TV Channel (RTR) conclude five-year agreement  to broadcast the NGSA live. The NGSA live broadcast was placed the 10th among all programs of RTR TV Channel and was positioned the 26th among the best fifty programmes of the Russian television.
2004-2005 - ASPAS promotes the  AUTOVAZ National Racing Series (NGSA), and is a co-organizer of “Touring” and “Touring Light” of the Russian Touring Cup Championship. 2006 - 2007  – ASPAS builts the new Russian FENIX Sports Prototype in co-operation with INTERAUTO Group. 2007 – consulting and co-organization of the MOSCOW MIRAX Custom Show in co-operation with Harley Davidson Club Russia.
2008-2016 -– ASPAS runs and promotes one  the most prestigious Russian races - “ZA RULEM” Stars’ Race of the biggest Russian Automobile magazine – ZA RULEM.
2015 - ASPAS launches  Russian Endurance Challenge (REC)

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MMR of  ASPAS motorsport events  1994 - ASPAS Cup 
1995 - two-stage ASPAS-SHELL Cup 
1996 - three-stage Rothmans-ASPAS Cup/Moscow Open Circular Racing Championship 
1997 - four-stage Rothmans-ASPAS Cup/Moscow Open Circular Racing Championship
19971998 - seven-stage NGSA/National Championship.
1993 – ASPAS promoted SHELL TV contest among Russian Formula 1 fans. The winners of the contest became guests of McLaren F 1 Team at the Grand Prix of Italy.
1994 – the contest among young motor sport journalists ran in co-operation with SHELL Int. Petroleum, the biggest Russian sports daily “Sport Express”, “AMS-Automotorsport” magazine and NTV Channel.

1997-1999 - ASPAS was in charge of the press centre of the Grand Prix of Russia Formula 1 UIM World Championship (power boating) in Moscow. Idea Marketing - International Promoter of the Championship, characterised ASPAS work as the best among sixteen rounds being held all over the world.

1999 - 1999 - MMR of UKOS Motorsport Team that took part in National Circular Racing Championship.

2000 - 2001 – MMR assistance to MOTORSPORTSHOW, “Sokolniky” exhibition hall. Presentations of Russian circular racing teams: LUKOIL Racing, OMX Motorsport, VIZAVI Motorsport.

2000 - 2000 - MMR of ARDEN TEAM RUSSIA, which used to take part in International FIA F 3000 Championship.

2002 - advising to Russian ‘Formula Russ’ Championship on PR-MMR issues.

1999-2004 - ASPAS has become the partner of the Russian Federation of Autosport&Tourism  (FIA member) on MMR issues.

2004-2005 – mass-media and sponsors relations of AUTOVAZ National Racing Series.

2007 – MMR of the MOSCOW MIRAX Custom Show.

2007-2016 – mass media and sponsors relations of “ZA RULEM” Stars Race. 2008 – MMR of nine-day ARENA DRIVE Festival in Moscow. 2008 - MMR of Red Squre Drift Ramble -  The King Of Europe drift series promo race. 2008 - MMR of Moscow Drifting Grand Prix. 2008 - MMR of Moscow Drag Racing Grand Prix. 
2011-2012 - press-center of "Moscow City Racing" (promotion race of "Formula 1" around the Kremlin)
2012 - MMR of Russian stage of the World Series Renault 
2012 - organization of press conference of OJSC Formula Sochi - promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia (Formula 1 FIA World Championship) 
2013 - press center of U.I.M. World Championship 2013 Endurance Pneumatics in Moscow 
2014-2015 - marketing and media consulting of Russian Drift Series 
2015-2016 - marketing and MMR of the Unlim 500+2015-
2016 - marketing and MMR of the Russian Drag Racing Championship